A FoxNews/Pulse Research poll of likely voters in Nevada holds some hope for Sharron Angle:

Republican Sharron Angle seems to be solidifying her support in her bid to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada.

In the latest Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters, Angle drew 49 percent to Reid’s 46 percent. As voters make up their mind with four weeks to go until Election Day, Angle seems to have the edge.

In the first Fox battleground poll in the Silver State four weeks ago, 10 percent of respondents were either unsure, in favor of a minor party candidate or, as state law allows in Nevada, planning to vote for “none of these candidates.”

In this week’s poll, those three categories add up to 5 percent. Over the same period, Angle’s overall vote percentage went from 45 percent to 49 percent.

The polling question results and demographics are not good for Reid, who continues to rate in the mid-50s range for job disapproval.

Despite an onslaught against Angle by The Vaporizer with help from Greg Sargent and others, Reid has not been able to raise his own positives very much, or even to demonize Angle effectively.  Reid’s negatives (55%) remain slightly higher than Angle’s (53%).

49% of voters say Obama administration policies have hurt Nevada’s economy, versus only 18% who say the policies have helped.  Reid running on his record is a losing proposition. 

The percentage of likely voters saying Tea Party backing for Angle increases their support for her has risen in the past month from 25% to 30%, with a steady 27% viewing it negatively.  Another 36% say it makes no difference.

Is the race over?  No, of course not.

Are things trending our way?  Yes.

Update:  One of the commenters questions any poll conducted by FoxNews.  The firm FoxNews uses, Pulse Opinion Research, apparently is a spin-off of Rasmussen and uses Rasmussen’s methodology.  Despite the negative attacks on Rasmussen, it has been a mainstream and reliable polling organization.

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