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MoveOn.Org Rand Paul Provocation Inspires Anti-Joe Miller TV Station in Alaska

MoveOn.Org Rand Paul Provocation Inspires Anti-Joe Miller TV Station in Alaska

The provocation against Rand Paul, has inspired an anti-Joe Miller CBS news station in Alaska.

The CBS station inadverently left a voice message disclosing its pre-planned coverage of a Miller appearance in the hopes of obtaining footage either of “child molesters” in the crowd or of an incident which would be similar to the scuffle which broke out when the provocateur twice charged at Paul.

The tape was first obtained by Big Journalism, which has the full transcript.  Here is the audio:


Left Coast Rebel is following the story and has more background.

The media is corrupt, and we all know it.  It is rare, however, that we get proof.  Now we have it.

Update:  Per Ben Smith, the television station is denying any wrongdoing, claiming the staffers were talking only about what others would do.  But the transcript (available at Left Coast Rebel)  is to the contrary, and talks about what “we can do” and “You have to find that one person….”

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There simply is no truth in what the leftist propaganda spreaders, like CBS, publish.

And these are the guys that the GOP establishment is cooperating with. Next Tuesday is just the beginning for conservatives. I will not be celebrating.

We knew all along that the Journolist code of conduct wasn't limited to opinionators. Nice to have a snippet of proof.

What's really funny is that KTVA keeps scrubbing the comments. They leave them open, but then delete them all. Take a screenshot for giggles.

I keep leaving this comment:


Exactly how many felonies is that, KTVA?

Can't wait for the indictments.