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Mocker Sticker

Mocker Sticker

It took me a couple of minutes to get it.  Obviously, a thinking man (or woman), with a sense of humor.

Spotted by a reader in Boone, NC:

The original is here.  But don’t get too close, the person actually could be dangerous.

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I had to read it three times to get it. lol

good one.

That one has been around in California for decades, and it's a good one.

Hey, that's like a real metal bumper. Those have not been made in eons. The person is obviously an eco-terrorist; driving around in a gas guzzling, CO2 belching piece of crap like that!!! 😉

That's an old bumper sticker on an old bumper.

Gotta love the classics!

Yeah, I've seen that on the east cost for at least 30 years. Clearly, there's a market comprised of contrarian hippies out there.

Oldie but goodie..gotta love the sense of humor.

A girl in my neighborhood has a bumper sticker that says:

I support the right to arm bears.

I can date that to at least 1982 when I saw it at college in Claremont, CA.