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I Can See November From This Video

I Can See November From This Video

(h/t HotAir)

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It's, I can see NOVEMBear from my den! ggrrrr 🙂

Remember Remember the 2nd of November… if you're voting democrat it's ok to show up on November 3rd.

Wow. Just wow. Who made this great video?! Perfect – on message: right on target!!! Thanks for sharing. 😀 Oh, yes, I truly CAN see November from my house.

Now I see it….at the end. . Superb. 😀

I can see early voting in Harris County TX even before that… :<)

SWEEEEET! When I see something that, really, was made up of things that I thought I remembered, but don't, it just gives me tingles all up and down my body. Y'all certainly know that if this isn't a big wave it means we've lost. Right?

"I can see early voting in Harris County TX even before that… :<) " I second that! I'm voting in Tomball – October 18!!! 🙂

I still don't like HotAir and AllahPundit.

He's trying to push the idea that Palin isn't popular in Alaska (despite virtually every poll ((including several done by Democrats)) showing overwhelming support for her there) and that is why Joe Miller is 'snubbing" her.

That's beyond asinine, considering that Joe Miller is in the position he is in (IN ALASKA, BTW) in large part due to Palins endorsement of him in the first place! Way to ignore what is blatantly in front of you, AP buddy! Miller himself is a walking rebuttal to the "Palin not popular in Alsaka!" nonsense.

And I liked the comments trying to "back" him up by saying that Millers ads don't mention her thus proving he is distancing himself. What? Miller was also endorsed by Mike Huckabee, but Huckabee is not mentioned in his ads either. Scandal!

Could it be that his ads don't mention her because…oh…I don't know…because it's his campaign and him running for the office and not Palin???!!! Talking about someone elses accomplishments and opinions and not your own does not do much to get you elected, no matter how popular that other person is. It's Palin trying to help Miller get elected, not the other way around especially since she is not currently running for anything to get elected to.

Hot Air sucks anymore, what nimrods they have on there now.

The DEMS, it is said, 'll never get ahead,
when November's elections turn gloomy.