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Dead Heat in Indiana-09 (Todd Young v. Baron Hill)

Dead Heat in Indiana-09 (Todd Young v. Baron Hill)

Todd Young is on my Top 10 List, running against incumbent Baron Hill in Indiana-09 district.

Hill embodies the arrogance which has characterized Democratic Party control of Congress for the past several years:


New polling shows that the race is a toss-up.  Via The Hill,

Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.) holds a slim, two-point lead, 46 percent to 44, against Republican Todd Young, with 9 percent of likely voters undecided, according to The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll…. The Hill poll was conducted Oct. 16-19 by Penn Schoen Berland. The survey consisted of 400 phone interviews among likely voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

Young’s own internal polling has Young ahead.

This race is winnable for Young.  The DCCC is worried, and is putting another $374k into the district in support of Hill.

Young is very talented, with a strong fiscally conservative message:


Please support Young, I already have.

Update:  Since Young features Milton Friedman in his video, it’s time for me to re-post one of my favorite Milton Friedman clips:


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Thank you for pointing out Todd Young. Milton Friedman, free-market captalists are what we need in Washington.

Hill and the DNC have been running some of the most blatantly false attack ads on Young I've ever seen in my life, and quite a few of them.
I'll be down in Bloomington helping out on election day. I hope can help out in whatever way possible!

I've been doing GOTV calls for Todd via GOP calling lists. He has a lot of support, but there are still many undecideds. When I tell them about Todd and what he stands for, they like what they hear.

I believe his internal polling based on the nearly 400 calls I've made myself.

I have never seen the Milton Freidman video before. Is that Donohue he is talking to? This should be shown in every Econ 101 course. Better yet, this should be shown to every high school and college student, once per month.

Isn't it absolutely knock-down hilarious that Rep. Hill's excuse for not allowing filming is that the film ends up on YouTube and is "compromising"? Mightn't that have something to do with the content of the speech recorded? If he want's less compromising videos, perhaps he ought to start saying more intelligent things.

"My town hall meeting"? How utterly arrogant!

As an Australian who studied economics, I have to say that we did not concentrate on either Milton Friedman or Hayek. I agree with both of their points of view.

In that interview, that interviewer sounded so extremely naive. Friedman was right.

The best systems are capitalist…. I will get creamed for my next comment, but even J.M. Keynes recognized the good of the Capitalist system… he did not endorse socialism even though he said that his theory worked best in a Socialist economy.

The outright Marxism of Øbama and his cronies is destroying the American economy. Sadly Australia is taking the same path because our present Prime Minister (who really is a whore the way that she prostituted herself to retain power) is also a Marxist.

I'm not gay (NTTAWWT), but I get a man-crush on any candidate who mentions Friedman and Hayek in a campaign ad.

Just spent a few more hours phone banking for Todd with a group of people at the GOP HQ in Hendricks county. That is district 4. Todd is district 9. There were 21 of us at peak times all knocking out the calls.

This race is very winable.

I miss Friedman. 🙁

Self interest that does not include the fear of one's soul being damned for eternity is a self interest just as maniacal as that of the socialists.