Add the race in NY-24 to the list of my Top 10 races (also RI-01 and NY-22) which are tightening in the final two weeks.

From CQ Politics, Richard Hanna has pulled within 5 points of Democrat incumbent Michael Arcuri, down from 8 points just a few weeks ago:

In the 24th district, Arcuri is leading Hanna, 48 to 43 percent. That is slightly down from a poll conducted six weeks ago by Siena, in which Arcuri led 48 to 40 percent. The survey found that Hanna is better known than he was in September.

The tough campaign appears to have taken its toll on both candidates. Six weeks ago they were both viewed favorably by a two to one margin. Now each has unfavorable ratings that are almost as great as their favorable ratings.

“The negative advertising proliferating the airwaves and mailboxes of the 24th CD is having an effect on the way both candidates are viewed by voters,” Greenberg said. He also said that there is significant gender gap, with men favoring Hanna 49 to 42 percent and women backing Arcuri 54 to 36 percent.

While Ithaca is not in the district, we are in the same television market.  Arcuri and the DCCC are running around-the-clock ads against Hanna, with pathetic fear-mongering about social security and outright lies (DCCC) about Hanna’s business record.

The Democrats are worried about NY-24.  Richard Hanna could use your support in this final week.

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