Everyone is talking about the new Christine O’Donnell advertisement in which she declares “I’m not a witch… I’m you.”


Good or bad?

My vote is probably good, definitely not bad.

O’Donnell has been so maligned because of comments she made in the 1990s, that a game changer is needed.  The piling on — assisted by some Republicans initially — was so intense and continues so regularly, that ignoring the character assassination was not possible.

One way of confronting this type of belittling mockery is to mock back.

And that is what O’Donnell is doing.  She is mocking the mockers.  It is the right strategy, although there is precious little time to undo the damage.

Coons is giving O’Donnell a gift by bringing Al Franken in to campaign with him.  Nothing says “I’m the only serious candidate in the race” as much as campaigning next to the literal clown of the Senate.

After a couple of days of mocking the mockers, O’Donnell needs to attack Chris Coons with all of the millions she has accumulated — not on the so-called Bearded Marxist stuff, but on Coons’ broken promises, tax hikes and the fiscal mess he has created in New Castle county.

Coons = Harry Reid
Coons = Obamacare
Coons = Stimulus
Coons = $14 trillion of debt
Coons = Trillion dollar deficits
Coons = Forcing your children and grandchildren to pay for your mistakes.

Repeat the above every day and night until election day.

Got it?

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