Bill Clinton was on the stump earlier this week for Maurice Hinchey. Clinton, as part of his remarks, asserted that half of Republicans need psychiatric help:

I guess that Clinton didn’t see the irony of those words rolling off his tongue in the presence of Hinchey.

It is time to put to bed, as well, Clinton’s crazy claim of credit for balanced budgets.  Clinton was forced into fiscal responsibility by Republicans in Congress and by peeling back defense spending as part of the “peace dividend” from the the collapse of the Soviet Union.  If Clinton had his way we would have had massive new federal spending — remember the failed attempt at HillaryCare?

Clinton also benefited from the high tech bubble which grew during his presidency and started bursting in March 2000, his last year in office.  George W. Bush inherited Clinton’s tech wreck as well as Clinton’s failure to address the growing al-Qaeda presence around the world, but you will not hear that part of the story because Bush did not, unlike our current President, spend all his time blaming others.

There is an irrational exuberance once again this election cycle.  It is the media’s portrayal of Bill Clinton as a success story, which is crazy.

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