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Beware The Boston Globe Bearing Polls

Beware The Boston Globe Bearing Polls

The Boston Globe, which is all in for the Democrats, has released a poll (via HotAir) showing Barney Frank up 13 points against Sean Beilat, but still well below 50%.

Beware The Boston Glove bearing polls.  Remember this headline, just 9 days prior to the Scott Brown – Martha Coakley special election:

Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points

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GoViralOnBarney | October 25, 2010 at 1:43 pm

When I saw the Brown/Coakley poll, I remember thinking, Do they — the Globies — really believe this? They're either dense or deranged. Either way, their sense of shame is now just a shadow of a long-ago memory.

Here's hoping history repeats itself.

I'm having a "Ground Hog Day" moment. The Boston Globe has endorsed every Democrat running for Congress in Massachusetts. They have justified their support for Barney, just as they did for "Marsha", with Soros-like "conviction". (Yes he/they should be convicted for assaulting the truth, but I digress.) Sounds very much like January, minus the special election and "41st Vote" urgency.

If you dig deeper into the methodology used in the two most recent polls, you could reasonably conclude the MA-4 is ALREADY a dead heat. Check out this post on the WPRI poll:

The MA-4 race is closer than the head to head numbers indicate. Undecided voters generally break for the challenger in contested races (Morris/Rasmussen). With somewhere between 12 and 20 percent "undecided", that spells trouble for Barney Frank. He knows it, which is why he brought Clinton in to raise money for him and why he just recently loaned $200K to a campaign that already had $1 million cash on hand.

With a week to go, NOW is the time to donate to Sean Bielat. He'll need every dollar he can get his hands on to counter the Barney's last minute media blitz. (One thing we know about Barney…he's not shy about spending other people's money!) Fortunately, Sean's team is running a money bomb from now until midnight on 10/27. Visit and give this Marine some "ammo"!

I agree with "None" – because none of what the Globe publishes around elections can be taken seriously. Get on board with Sean, retire Barney, and let's bring on the second Massachusetts Miracle!