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Another Prius Owner Can See November

Another Prius Owner Can See November

Yes, another Prius owner in open revolt.  From a reader:

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Vietnam vets have seen this little play before….we remember.

ironically this guy might have been one of the people who helped your vehicle gain value and thus raised your taxes on it. 🙂

and yet he bought a Prius….. ya gotta wonder.

Well redc1c4, I can think of one legitimate reason to buy a Prius. It burns less gas than most other cars. This means that fewer of our dollars go to OPEC.

It can't save you much money…as the associated premiums for that type of car extend the time it takes to reap benefits of saving money on gas. Nor is it all that environmentally friendly considering the battery chemistry involved.

But is doesburn less gas for comparable miles driven of most other cars. Can't knock it for that. And since the U.S. imports roughly 60% of its oil…

Not to mention that in terms of gas mileage it kicks the ass of any Subaru on the road…the preferred lefty-mobile (if they can't afford a Volvo). But then, so does my Civic LX.