Don’t you just love it when someone in the mainstream media admits to the pervasive bias against conservatives?

Via NewsBusters, here is the transcript of a segment between Harry Smith and John Dickerson on the CBS Early Show this morning, regarding Christine O’Donnell’s announcement last night that she would not do any national media interviews.  Dickerson, a CBS political analyst, admitted that O’Donnell was smart not to go on national media programs since the media wanted her to crash:

SMITH: And finally, last but not least on our list this morning, Christine O’Donnell has said she will not do any national interviews. I know that disappoints you, personally. But in real life, does this matter?

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Bewitched?; O’Donnell Says No More National Interviews]

DICKERSON: Well, no, it doesn’t matter, although, as you say, I’m disappointed and all of us should be. But, she’s smart to do this. You know, the national media is not doing her any favors and, basically, a lot of people want her on so that she can have a car crash on air. She needs to focus on Delaware. She’s got a tough run there, because she’s got to reach out to independents and get outside of the narrow conservative constituency she won – that helped her win, I should say – the primary there. So she’s smart to keep to her knitting and she just has to hope that voters don’t penalize her for trying to kind of stay away from the national media, which might look like staying away from any kind of difficult or probing questions.

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