I don’t think Karl Rove’s criticisms of Christine O’Donnell are fatal, although they are unusually personal.  Being seen as the enemy of Karl Rove may be a positive in a blue state like Delaware.

No one now can argue that Christine O’Donnell wants to return us to the Bush years.

The highly personal nature of Rove’s attacks has me worried not for what he is saying, because the issues he is raising already were raised during the primary.

I’m most worried about what Rove is not saying.

He gives the impression of being someone who knows something we do not know, someone who knows that there is another shoe to drop but isn’t going to be the one to drop it.  But when it does drop, he will be able to say “I told you so.”

If there were such a shoe, Rove should have dropped it during the primaries. 

If there is no other shoe to drop, Rove should stop acting like there is because it is very corrosive to the campaign.

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