Almost everyone is jumping all over the Coffee Party for the pathetic turnout at its national convention last weekend.  Go ahead, kick the dead horse if you will. 

But they all have missed one irrefutable measure of just how far the Coffee Party has fallen since it was launched to great media fanfare and glory.

This blog now gets more traffic than, as demonstrated by Alexa‘s measurement of “reach.”

What a bunch of losers, if they can’t beat a do-it-yourself blog, run part time by someone whose idea of graphic design is to separate words into syllables separated by dots, who picked the colors for his blog in poor lighting, who can’t even figure out how to put Blogads graphics in the side bar, who can’t manage to load cool looking YouTube and Twitter buttons like the rest of the world, and whose idea of wit is to publish photos of bumper stickers.

And you call yourself a national movement?  Then so am I.

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