Fox News has released a set of polls of likely voters, including in the Nevada Senate race, showing Sharron Angle up a point, 45-44.  This is consistent with several recent polls showing the race a dead heat:

Angle drew 45 percent support, while Reid took in 44 percent. Five percent opted for “none of these,” Nevada’s unique ballot option that allows one to vote against all the candidates on offer. And Reid’s path to victory depends on growing the number of “none of these” voters.

Reid’s low job approval in the survey – 40 percent said he was doing a good job, while 55 percent disagree – helps explain the Democratic strategy of encouraging “none of the above” votes.

The responses to this question should have the Reid folks scared to death:

If you had to pick between just these two choices, which would you say is more important when deciding your vote for Senate this year — is your decision based more on national political issues or more on your feelings about the candidates themselves?

Decision is based more on national political issues — 77%
Decision is based more on your feelings about the candidates themselves — 19%
Not sure — 4% 

The race is nationalized, as much as Reid has tried to paint Angle as a potentially violent extremist who is nuts.

It’s a good thing for Democrats that Sharron Angle cannot win, otherwise she’d be far ahead of the entrenched incumbent who has raised $20 million for the campaign and has spent billions in taxpayer dollars buying support in Nevada.

Because that is the meme of the day.  Crazy people like Christine O’Donnell Sharron Angle cannot win a general election because they are nuts, and did I say crazy?

Update:  Other polls are in, with a similar result of a virtual dead heat:

Rasmussen 48-48 with leaners, 46-46 without leaners.Mason-Dixon Reid up 46-44——————————————–
Reuters IPSOS Reid up 46-44

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