This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Usually, on Saturday nights I focus on the people who tear us apart by injecting race into politics, by manipulating our feelings, by seeking political gain from the worst aspects that exist in every society.

Tonight, I’ll focus on the thing which brings us together.  Today is 9/11, but I’ll focus on 2/26.  Not 2001, but 1993.

The first attack on the World Trade Center.  Before there were President George W. Bush and NeoCons to blame.  During a time of supposed peace.

If we did not know it before, we realized that to our enemies, there were no White Americans, Black Americans or Hispanic Americans.  There were just Americans:

I just wish some people at home would stop trying to tear us apart by constantly playing the race card.  Because our enemies don’t care about the colors of our skins.
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