Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware primary last night, and within minutes (literally) über liberal Rachel Maddow started running video and commentary on MSNBC about O’Donnell’s views on masturbation.

The pretext for sexualizing O’Donnell was a 1996 video in which O’Donnell was interviewed about her conservative Christian views on sex.

Before Maddow’s post, the subject mostly was the subject of left-wing bloggers, but Maddow took it mainstream on MSNBC’s primetime coverage.

An almost 15-year old video was all the excuse Maddow needed to take the story national.  Because the fate of the nation turns on whether O’Donnell masturbates, at least to Maddow.

One can understand why Alan Colmes would get all excited about the subject, but why the person who runs the liberal feminist blog Feministe?

Because liberal feminism is dead, and has been for years. 

Liberal feminism began its death spiral no later than when Democratic Party loyalists defended serial abuser Bill Clinton and demonized his victims (right around the time of O’Donnell’s interview, as coincidence would have it).

The liberal feminist death march has continued through the sexualized attacks on Sarah Palin and other conservative women in more recent times.

But, it’s not like I didn’t see this coming.


Update:  The always classy NY Times starts off its headline article hit piece about O’Donnell’s win with this paragraph:

In the bright light of Wednesday morning, Christine O’Donnell, whose Republican primary victory upended the calculus for future control of the United State Senate, became quickly known to Americans as the woman who once made dire warnings about the negative impact of masturbation.

New Post, same subject:  “What’s up w/obsession about O’Donnell’s opinions on sex?”

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