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Possibly Related Headlines

Possibly Related Headlines

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Leave it to the professor to tweeze out hidden relationships and patterns in the news of the day that are not immediately apparent. This is the stuff of great blogs.

This (meaning filibuster "reform", not Segway safety) is, quite possibly, THE issue that first made me skittish about the current Democratic party. Only a few years ago, during the Bush administration when the Republicans were in power, there was this whole kerfuffle about the "nuclear option", which would do the same thing, and which Democrats all over were (quite correctly) denouncing for the overt power it gave the majority. Now as soon as they have the majority, what do they do?

I will admit that if, say, the Republicans take Congress back and the Democrats start filibustering, say, a repeal of health care reform, I will be annoyed. I like to think, though, that I could manage to avoid being so hypocritical as to advocate gutting the filibuster.