It’s over.  The race is hopeless.  The Republican candidate has no chance because of past indiscretions which have rendered the candidate a joke, and the electorate has made up its mind in favor of the well-known Democrat.

The polls, depending upon which you believe, have our candidate down either 9 or 15 points.  This is better than some earlier polls, but still really bad. 

In such a Blue state, all hope is lost for this Tea Party backed candidate.  Tea Party does not sell here.  The surging anger in the country will not affect an election in this state, not for a seat held for decades by a Democratic Party icon.  And the polls weeks from the election show it.

It’s over.

Except that it wasn’t, because at the last minute (actually, the last two weeks) the electorate broke heavily towards the hopeless candidate, as people began to realize the candidate had a chance.  We don’t know precisely when the tipping point took place, but it did in the last two weeks.

Because the electorate came to the conclusion that the candidates were not the issue, Obamacare was.  And it still is.

(Chart here)

Should we ignore bad polling in Delaware, such as the FoxNews poll showing Christine O’Donnell down 15 points?  Of course not.  The O’Donnell campaign — after a disastrous three weeks in which she was battered by her own party — needs to start defining the election around issues.

But to give up hope in a wave election, in which the electorate eventually will focus on the issues not the candidates, is a huge mistake.

Update:  And you thought Martha Coakley was tone deaf?  Chris Coons has pledged his allegiance (h/t @LachlanMarkay) to Harry Reid and the Obama agenda, including the Stimulus Plan and Obamacare:

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