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No, Thank You

No, Thank You

A few minutes ago I passed my 4 millionth blog visit, and weeks ago my 5 millionth page view.

Visitor no. 4,000,000 was from Cantor Fitzgerald, the firm which lost 658 of its 960 New York-based employees in the 9/11 attack on The World Trade Center.

Since starting this blog in a fit of disgust on October 12, 2008, it has been … interesting.

Everything I have to say I said in my prior post, Thanks A Million, except that thanks are owed now to many more people.

[insert obligatory thanks to wife here]

Just one question. 

How come none of you warned me that it is impossible to get off this moving bus?

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Did you give away a toaster?

You're hooked, William. After Scott Brown's win I suggested you just keep blogging. And you did.


Would you have listened if anyone did? Congrats on the milestone!

"How come none of you warned me that it is impossible to get off this moving bus?"

…for the same reason you didn't warn me. 😉

It is a patriot's duty, like it or not.

Was it the following which disgusted you into starting your blog, Professor?

A blast from the past:

Obama Calls McCain Divisive
Oct 10, 2008

Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday accused Republican John McCain of trying to divide the country, but he let fellow Democrats handle harsher attacks while he kept his message mostly upbeat.

Speaking to an outdoor audience, Obama said "it's not hard to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division." He said Americans want "someone who can lead this country" with a steady hand in a time of economic crisis, not divide it.

Echoing McCain's "country first" motto, Obama said, "Now more than ever it is time to put country ahead of politics."

from here.

as someone in the legal profession, you should know better than most that people rarely listen to advice…..

You mean you are not steering our bus, Professor?

Ah, the bus. I check your blog every single day (almost) and if you haven't posted anything I get worried about you. Please keep driving, Professor. You are my sanity check for the day !

Do you ever take a vacation? Maybe you need to start looking into hiring a guest blogger.

That's a lot of traffic over such a short time. Is that counting your own visits? (kidding) No small feat. Congratulations.

Congratulations, sucker!

You're welcome. 😉

Thanks to you! …for continuing the excellent blogging – we would be lost without your sound mind and cool assessments of this administration's folly. Besides, without the Saturday Night Card Game it would be tough to keep track of all the bogus calls of "raaaaacism" going on. Good on ya!

Keep going….I'm looking forward to the November blog posts. Especially the Nevada and California senate races! 😀 And the House…. Oh, yeah.

I love your blog and your cool-headed analysis and delightfully impish sense of humour.

You have also helped educate several of my relatives who are died in the wool Democrats to see the Conservative point of view. My SIL now advises me that she reads your blog every day for a different perspective!

Thanks for all you do, and I hope that you keep going.

It's called "leadership." Surely you recognize this?