Kirsten Powers, almost alone among liberals, has been willing to denounce the sexualized attacks upon Christine O’Donnell, and now she does it again in a column at The Daily Beast titled Tea Party Mocking Needs To Stop:

The Washington establishment has its nose out of joint because a rag-tag group of misfits have deigned to challenge the entitled incompetents who run the U.S. Congress. Somehow, because a few of the Tea Party candidates support abstinence training, or other garden variety right-wing notions, they are more dangerous than the people who were actually in charge of our country as it was being run into the ground economically.

We’ve been treated to obsessive coverage of Christine O’Donnell’s opinions on masturbation, and whether she had premarital sex, because we all know that these are the Very Important Issues facing our country.

While I may not agree with everything in the column, I give Powers credit for calling out the Democratic Party and mainstream media for the demeaning attempts to paint the Tea Party movement as extremist and out to destroy the country.

Powers also understands that the attacks only empower the movement:

And the more they are mocked, the more determined they are to push forward. The derision of elites, to them, is a badge of honor.

Powers gets it, even if she differs on policy.

Unfortunately, so many of our conservative punditry and blogosphere are living in the past, and are just as mocking towards the Tea Party movement as the Democrats.

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