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“Free The Economy!”

“Free The Economy!”

Sounds like a plan, to me.  And a campaign theme.

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Someone should come up with a list of all the barriers to companies wanting to expand and hire and those that want to open new businesses. Here is a partial one:

1. Health care, who knows what it will cost and the liability to the employer both now and later.
2. Liability, these cost are going out the roof. My personal liability policy went from $200 per year a few years ago to $200 per month. And I have never had a claim.
3. Rules and regulations, the varios rules and regs from the Feds to the State to the Parish to the City are beyond comprehension. In medicine the regs are changing daily. Also, if you bill Medicare, following every rule, you have committed fraud.
4. Lack of capital, many are telling me that they just can't get the banks to open up. I don't find this odd as you don't know what will happen tomorrow and they have to cover their backs. With the new financial regs many of my bander friends are afraid of doing anything, and you don't know what they may pass the next day.
5. Instability of the government, Obama may decide to come to your town or state and shut down a whole industry. Witness the light bulb or the oil industry.
6. Taxes, is it worth all the work to have it taken away at the end of the year? The Feds are bad enough, but city and state also want a piece.
7. Health care, yes that is over and over a major damper on the economy.

I could think of more. What I can't think of is why make the effort to do anything.

Why? WHY??? This is enough oil to power the United States for 2041 years! Not to power the US until 2041, but to power us for two thousand forty one years!

Of course, the web says "balderdash" to such a claim!