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Bumper Sticker Insurrection

Bumper Sticker Insurrection

Spotted by a reader at the Grand Canyon …

Update: You know it is a really slow news day when a post about bumper stickers gets a Memeorandum thread.

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The most hysterical part of that photo being that the stickers are on a Prius.

Stealing that on sight.

Agreed: Prius FTW! Also, over on the left, over the word "Toyota," he missed a spot.

I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you, that such a diaplay should appear in Arizona.

looks like a California plate no less…..

i'm surprised it hasn't been vandalized.

Now that is strong anecdotal evidence, especially considering the fact that the stickers are on a Prius…

@redc1c4 – The wording on the license plate may have something to do with why it was not vandalized.

The Prius doesn't surprise me. It's a car, not a political opinion. Besides, they are cheap to run, and I thought Republicans were all about saving money.

So many good ones……but I guess my favorite is "Proud to be a Democrat" because it shows that even they don't like this guy! Conservative Democrats do exist, it seems!

Very fun, wherever the Prius owner is from….. 😀

@ the good Professor

I noticed that license plate too!


But is there such a thing as a moderate communist? hahahaha

Can we call this a Fall green shoot when a pious Prius owner sees the light?

@sierra 10:13 AM . . . a few quick observations.

As you accurately note, the available spot is on the left, above the word Toyota.

Toyota's motto is now "Moving Forward" which, as some have pointed out, has acquired an unfortunate secondary meaning for the car manufacturer, in light of what one wag has described as the energizer-like tendencies of a few of them!

So, in keeping with the overall anti-Obama theme . . . maybe a suitable bumper sticker for that particular location would be something like this, no?

GIVE U.S. A Brake!

DINORightMarie, look again… the sticker says "Proud NOT to be a Democrat". Me too.

I take back every mean thing I've said or thought about Prius owners!

Thankss, I posted/stole the picture for my blog, The Vail Spot.


I own a Prius with a tea party bumper sticker.

I've never been a socialist

I saw a Prius just like this one at a Tea Party rally in Texas. After rubbing my eyes and shaking my head a little to make sure of what I was seeing, my first thought was "These are my people! Yes!"

The Tea Party welcomes people of all types. Even that peculiar tribe called "Prius Owners" 😉 Ya'll come on over.

Unfortunately, I've never been very good at cracking codes on license plates.
Is he/she saying "Too damned",(?) or maybe – "twice damned",…as in "damned if you do, damned if you don't" (?)

That was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, too. But I finally got it: "Second Amendment".