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Boston Herald: John Kerry A Bitter Clinger

Boston Herald: John Kerry A Bitter Clinger

From The Boston Herald, John Kerry bitter as Tea Party gains steam:

U.S. Sen. John Kerry yesterday mocked Republicans as “Sarah Palin’s party” even as the New Hampshire Senate candidate she backed claimed victory in Tuesday’s primary and a Tea Party favorite emerged as the GOP’s best hope to break the Democratic stranglehold on the Bay State delegation….

“The news from Delaware is crystal clear: It’s Sarah Palin’s party now,” Kerry wrote in a fund-raising e-mail titled “Delawow!” distributed yesterday. “We have to fight back. Click here to contribute right now to make sure we defeat the Tea Party extremists.”

The article quotes expert analysis on Kerry’s futile plan of attack:

Conservative blogger William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection said Democrats have sought to “demonize” Tea Party candidates and their supporters going back to Scott Brown’s upstart campaign – and it’s backfired.

“They may think it’s funny and a cute tactic now, but they will regret it ultimately,” Jacobson said.

They also quote some unknown “gadfly” in the article:

“I think the Tea Party couldn’t ask for any better publicity than to be denounced by a millionaire who dodges paying taxes on his yacht,” said conservative gadfly Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit….

“Kerry is the guy whose political instincts are always wrong. This guy’s presidential campaign was a punch line,” Reynolds said. “To call the Tea Party extremists is a joke.”

I’m beginning to think Obama was right in his assessment of bitter clingers.  He just had it wrong as to location (big cities, not small towns) and the cause (loss of political power, not fear of foreigners).

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How far-left do you have to be to consider Reynolds a "conservative"? How thin-skinned do you have to be to consider him a "gadfly"?

Since you mentioned it first, I was pleasantly surprised to have seen you quoted. More people need to read your conservative blog, as well as Glenn's. It's an eye opener to see the misinformation or missing information from the MSM and most newsprint articles concerning current events.

I encourage John Kerry to keep missing the real conversations, in real peoples lives. He's just becoming so insignificant. I think the DNC knows this is their fate too. Why on earth would they now decide to reinvent the Dem logo? Because they need to reinvent who they are to their next generation voting base.

On a sad note, for such low voting numbers on Tue., I was sickened to see Barney Franks turn out numbers, after all the damage he's done. Maybe those voters are all the L/P/Dem's left in Cambridge and Brookline. Sean Bielat has a race on his hands. Your thoughts?

I wouldn't rule out fear of foreigners in Kerry's case.

Sorry to get off topic, but how the heck did you get a job at such a henna-infused institution?

I just had to click the DSCC Stop the Tea Party ad link so that some small amount of money goes to LI from the DSCC

Actually, most people in the MSM wouldn't think to call our host or Glenn Reynolds for comment. I think I detect the invisible hand of Jules Crittenden, whose blog is much missed.

I lived (or was domiciled, because I traveled a lot in the Army) in the People's Republic from birth to 2008 before tunneling out to freedom. That means that John Kerry was my Senator from my first election there to my last. Never, I must say, with the benefit of my vote, even when the rump Republican party in the PRM didn't find a candidate to run against him. Any other state that sent this champagne stain to the Senate would do so only for comic relief — he's a lot funnier that Minnesota's gift to the Senate, and he doesn't even try.

But MA is fully occupied by moonbats. My decision was made in the 08 election, where the vote to keep an income tax hike went 70/30, which is about the balance of tax eaters to tax payers. As a tax payer, I was wheels up. A tragedy for the welfare queens, pensioned felon politicians, and $80k/year toll takers I'm no longer supporting, but good for me and mine.

And nowhere do the moonbats flock more densely than in the Cambridge/Brookline/Newton haunts of Bwawney Fwank. Sean Bielat seems like a great guy. He should leave Massachusetts and leave the leeches with no one to tax but each other. Then they will discover what happens when you stand in a bucket and lift it by the handle.

Where did you move, Kevin? I moved from Silicon Valley to a small town in Iowa four months ago for reasons similar to yours.