I took yesterday off from blogging, and of course the big news broke that the Pastor in Florida was not going to set the world on fire (we think, not sure, he’ll let us know for sure eventually) this Saturday by burning a load of Korans on the lawn in front of his church..

Just another example of how we are held hostage when our foreign policy becomes a means of satisfying some deep psychological need to be forgiven and liked. 

When the desire to be liked by people who never will like us is the policy, we are hostages to irresponsible people like:

  • The Florida Pastor who knew what the reaction would be to his stunt, and thereby got his 15 minutes of fame to such an extent that the President and Defense Secretary had to beg him to stop; and
  • The Cordoba House Imam who has made the fear of violence part of his media strategy, and who, even before that, got his 15 minutes of fame to such an extent that the President and Mayor had to beg him to keep going..

Our nation now is held hostage to every kook with a match and every huckster who knows how to play the Islamophobia card.

I’d rather be respected than liked, and right now in the world, we are neither.  We’re just hostages.

Update:  Michelle Malkin, The eternal flame of Muslim outrage.

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