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Why Haven’t They Turned In The Tennessee Arsonist Yet?

Why Haven’t They Turned In The Tennessee Arsonist Yet?

Some vehicles were torched at the building site for a Mosque in Tennessee.

From Glenn Greenwald on down, the incident has been declared to be another act of anti-Muslim bigotry inspired by the Corboda mosque controversy, similar to the (now-debunked) Cabbie Stabbing.

They may be right.  Or they may be wrong.

But since they have declared this to be an act by an opponent of the Tennessee mosque, they presumably know the identity of the arsonist.

Which is more than the police know (as of this moment there are no published reports that the police have a suspect much less an arrest).

So why haven’t they turned in the arsonist yet?

Update:  As of approximately 1 p.m. today, the police still are asking for the public’s help:

Agents from the FBI and ATF are asking for help from the public in solving the arson at the future site of the the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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Are they also going to call the assassin of the LDS (Mormon) Bishop in California a hate crime? Is this mormonophobia? A desperate act of bitter clingy left wingers?

As in the drunk slasher, it really doesn't matter who the perpetrator is as much as it matter's what the message is and the message is "violent Tea Party bigots" all the time.

It matters less who the perpetrator is than what the message is. And now the message is "violent Tea Party Bigots" 24/7

In my view, someone who destroys or vandalizes construction equipment on a construction site is more likely to be an environmental activist (monkey wrenching, anyone?) or someone local who just generally objects to a changing landscape and wasn't able to purchase the property to keep it as it was.

It stuck me that except for the Cabbie Stabbing and the arson in Tennesee, I hadn't heard much about anti-muslim hate cirmes.

So I did some digging. FBI statistics for 2008 (the most recently available data), indicate that 66.1% of all anti-religious hate crimes were committed against Jews. Only 7.5% of anti-religious hate crimes were committed against Muslims. That's a ratio of nearly 9:1 more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims. The leftist Jews who are so worried about the "widespread" hate against Muslims seem to have their head in the sand about hate crimes committed against Jews.

Scroll down to where it says Religious bias in bold:

I highly doubt the public in Tenn will be falling over themselves to turn the person(s) in since they've been watching the way the Muslims have been carrying on with the Cordoba mosque project… and virtually everything else Islam is involved in.

Of course another very real possibility is that the vehicles were torched by people trying to do a muslim hate-crime hoax. Such as the hoax perpetrated just last month by Tamsir Mendy.