Talking Points Memo, which apparently has given up any pretense of becoming a real news organization, is trying to create a scandal out of nothing, by wondering whether Republicans will be upset that the logo for the 2012 convention includes a “minaret.”

To understand how stupid this is, and how hard TPM is trying to create something out of nothing, understand that the “minaret” in the logo is a reflection of the spires on the University of Tampa’s Plant Hall (which I have visited several times), formerly the Tampa Bay Hotel.

From the TPM post, Does 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret?:

The RNC’s 2012 convention logo features the Tampa Bay skyline and one of the buildings apparently represented in the logo is what was formerly the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a prominent feature of the Florida city’s skyline. What’s interesting is that the Old Tampa Bay Hotel is a product of the so-called “Moorish Revival” architectural style. And the building is graced by six minarets, the small towers built around a mosque to call worshipers to prayer. The minarets even include the spires with half crescents, a well-known symbol of Islam.

TPM anticipates, no tries to stoke, controversy:

And there may be those who wonder how some of the more anti-mosque elements of the GOP might react to such an architectural inclusion.

Yes, because including an image from the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a landmark in Tampa, is just like … oh, forget it.

TPM, “all agitation, all the time.”

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