Amanda Terkel, one of the lead writers at Think Progress, is exasperated that the “right-wing” has convinced the “media” that Obama’s religion is open to question (emphasis mine):

While journalists and pundits on cable news today did acknowledge the “media” have had a role to play, they also seemed to place some of the blame on Obama and his staff, saying that perhaps the President should go to church more frequently and more openly to show the public that he truly is Christian….First of all, Obama should not have to be bible-thumping on C-SPAN every Sunday in order to prove how Christian he is. Second of all, the poll leaves out a very important source of this misinformation: the irresponsible right wing.

What we have here really is a failure to communicate.  The image-keepers at Think Progress and at the White House do not seem to understand that Obama’s failure to connect has nothing to do with bible-thumping on C-SPAN or not.

No one really knows who Obama is, because almost everything we know about Obama prior to his entering public life comes from Obama alone.

Obama has so carefully controlled his image that he has achieved the opposite effect.

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