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They Really, Really Don’t Get it

They Really, Really Don’t Get it

The Missouri vote overwhelmingly approving a referendum opting out of Obamacare’s mandate has left-wing bloggers scratching themselves with bewilderment.

The reaction falls into three basic categories: (1) the folks just don’t understand that this is good for them, (3) if only we had a public option the folks would love it, and (3) we own the courts, so who cares how the folks vote.


They truly do not understand.

So I’m not going to tell them. Let them figure it out on their own.

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Well, they don't understand because they don't want to understand. The Left really doesn't get what's happening (and neither do some on the Right, like Professor Bainbridge). The vote in Missouri, the Tea Party Movement, etc. — the ordinary folks in our society, the people who work and pay taxes, etc., are engaged in a way that they haven't been in a long time. This demographic has been called on before — Nixon's idea of the "silent majority," the Reagan Democrats, the Ross Perot voters, but while they would come out and vote in a presidential election, they never really had a grass-roots impact. The internet has changed all that, and now these folks are organizing and having an effect. This is a major development for our politics and for the general political culture. And not a good one for the Left.

Thanks, for elevating one of my blog posts to "Post of the Day!" What an honor! I am appreciative beyond words.

Thanks again!

I have come up with a term for being linked by your blog — an Insurrectilanche!

Missouri fits into "fly-over country" where people don't necessarily feel that the barack hussein obama agenda represents their best interests. I think that the White House will shuck it off to annoying white people trying to disturb their program.

HOWEVER as the States decide (one-by-one) to oppose obamacare and all the bad that comes with it, the ObamaNation will try to hold the legal actions off until it controls the Supreme Court.

One of our U.S. Senators is Republican, the other is Democratic. Of our 9 reps to the U.S. House, 5 are Republicans and 4 are Democrats. Our Governor is Democratic and our Lt. Governor is Republican. Missouri is truly a politically schizophrenic state.

With that as background, it's also worth noting that both our local media here in Kansas City, and the national press in the form of Time magazine, ran stories before the vote saying the referendum didn't really matter because dederal law trumps state law (the unsaid message was, don't waste your time voting on the referendum).

And yet, in a state where voters are split right down the middle, Republicans were so jazzed they turned out by a margin of more than 2:1 — in part to weigh in on a referendum they were told didn't matter.

The Democrats should be frightened that Republicans turned out in droves relative to the Democrats.

The story behind the story is how fired up Republicans are, IMO.

awwwwwwwww, Missouri has just affirmed that racism is still the way of this nation. there is no other reason to vote against any policy that Obama puts forth.

that is the bottom line.

Umm, but they DO own the courts. They win, we lose.

And we're happy about this???


the Democrats are running scared. 71% is a telling number. someone earlier said that the Republicans are fired up over this…the truth is all Americans are fired up over this.

Keep it up Democrats…..the rest of the populace is tuning in, turning on and dropping support of y'all!