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They Go There – Cabbie Stabber “Liked” Tea Party Candidate On Facebook

They Go There – Cabbie Stabber “Liked” Tea Party Candidate On Facebook

Since it appears that Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber Michael Enright had no connection to anti-Cordoba mosque groups, you knew the disappointed ones would search long and hard for a Tea Party connection.

They prayed they would find something.  Anything.  And they did.

Wait for it …

On his Facebook page Enright “liked” a Tea Party supported politician, Greg Ball, who is running for State Senate in New York.  Enright thus joined 2,024 other people who “liked” Ball.

This “connection” was noted at The L Magazine, but Charles Johnson trumpted the catch (with a link back to The L), highlighting it in his post titled Alleged Cabbie-Stabber Hated Muslims, Linked to Tea Party Politician:

UPDATE at 8/26/10 9:40:47 am

“The predictable narrative that Enright is a “leftist” is collapsing like a wet paper bag. L Magazine reports that Enright’s Facebook page featured a link (now removed, after his arrest) to Tea Party politician Greg Ball.”
As of now, that’s it.  A click on Facebook. 
I hope people are scrubbing Enright from their Facebook pages, because they, too, could be “linked” to him in the next headline. 

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I "like" alot of things on facebook that I don't actually like. It just means you get their updates so you an keep track of the crap they spew. Weak.

Charles Johnson is having a very bad couple of days. He had a post up earlier about an alleged 'anti-Muslim' incident in Queens. Only it turned out that initial reports had been exaggerated. So that's twice in 24 hours that Charles has had the rug pulled right out from under him.

Oh well…. at least he doesn't give up easily!

I actually hammered Charles yesterday on the cabbie smears, and he's working double time to save his failed "right wing bigotry and hatred" meme. More on that today, linking to your earlier post: 'The Left's Eliminationist Narrative'.

For what it's worth, Greg Ball does not bill himself as a "Tea Party" candidate and Tea Partiers are not a big deal in the district where he's running. One can see why they would support Ball for the State Senate. As an Assemblyman, Ball voted against every single tax increase, and calls his opponent
Tax and Spend Murphy." His biggest issue is repeal of an absurd regional transporation tax that everyone, Democrat and Republican, hates, hates, hates. It was imposed last year as a way to bail out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority which runs NYC subways and busses and are commuter trains. It's a (small but annoying) income tax — on every nickel earned by everyone regardless of whether or not they ever avail themselves of the MTA's services. It would be especially repugnant in the far northern suburban area where Ball is running since one could live to be 100 there and never want or need the MTA.

Otherwise, Ball is pro-immigrant (lots of Hispanics in the district) and moderately environmentalist. There is no hint anywhere in his material of any contentious social issues although I imagine he has a position on some of them.

In short, he's hardly a right-wing hobgloblin and as a hometown boy in Enright's area may well be someone liked (or not) for a lot of reasons, none of them remotely related to Muslims.

I don't think I've heard of anyone volunteering for a group (and being shipped to a warzone) other than one which they believe in, at least on basic principles. Thus, Enright accepted that his film work contributed to "social justice" and likely stood by the rest of the small organization in enthusiastically supporting the Ground Zero mosque.

Simple. Just establish who Enright voted for in 2008.

oh for heaven's sake…. I signed up for Obama's OFA just to get the email spam, it doesn't mean I'm "linked" to Obama!

it's so obvious what this was all about:

enright wanted a reichstag inciting event.

his plan was to stab a muslim cabbie while saying something anti-muslim and then escape.

he hoped it would be blamed in the teabaggingracistneoconhaliburtonrethuglicans.

he needed to get drunk to do it.

he failed to get away.

nevertheless, the leftist dominated msm is sticking to the fictional narrative: "the right wing did it!"

there's a huge problem with this:

75% of the public opposes the gzm and we aren't all right-wing.

ergo: we won't be suckered into believing the spin.

Speaking of Charles Johnson, at my blog i have more than a little fun with his recent idiocy. Here's the post:

See, i am reading through a speech by the ground zero mosque imam, and i discover, lo and behold, that the man is a creationist, seeking for creationism to get an equal foothold in the universities with evolution. so i write:

> OMG, run and tell Charles Johnson. He thinks evolution deserves equal stance with creationism. Maybe then Johnson will give a crap about this guy. I mean I haven’t been at LGF in a long, long time, but I am going to guess based on his last trajectory that Johnson is calling everyone who opposes this a bigot and telling us how moderate this knuckle dragger is. So let me look. And you can look, too.

> Well, lets see here, you scroll down a little and get this: “yesterday’s Bigotry Parade at the Sacred Abandoned Burlington Coat Factory featured these creative floats, clearly a labor of ‘love.’” Sigh, hate being right.

> Anyway, I just sent Johnson a happy f–k you. Nah, won’t change how he feels about anything, but its fun to do it.

Its amazing. he has come around to support the building of a mosque, at ground zero, by a radical imam creationist. Seriously, did aliens replace his brain or something? I literally have trouble imagining how he can work out that contradiction.

A.W…. that's a really interesting twist, thanks for pointing it out.

"I literally have trouble imagining how he can work out that contradiction."

Uh, it's called being a hack.