Since it appears that Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber Michael Enright had no connection to anti-Cordoba mosque groups, you knew the disappointed ones would search long and hard for a Tea Party connection.

They prayed they would find something.  Anything.  And they did.

Wait for it …

On his Facebook page Enright “liked” a Tea Party supported politician, Greg Ball, who is running for State Senate in New York.  Enright thus joined 2,024 other people who “liked” Ball.

This “connection” was noted at The L Magazine, but Charles Johnson trumpted the catch (with a link back to The L), highlighting it in his post titled Alleged Cabbie-Stabber Hated Muslims, Linked to Tea Party Politician:

UPDATE at 8/26/10 9:40:47 am

“The predictable narrative that Enright is a “leftist” is collapsing like a wet paper bag. L Magazine reports that Enright’s Facebook page featured a link (now removed, after his arrest) to Tea Party politician Greg Ball.”
As of now, that’s it.  A click on Facebook. 
I hope people are scrubbing Enright from their Facebook pages, because they, too, could be “linked” to him in the next headline. 

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