Sharron Angle admitted that she tries to manage press relations to receive favorable coverage, which is what every candidate tries to do.

Outrage! Shock! How Dare She!

And not just from the usual suspects.

I say:

How refreshing! Truth! More please!

Now Harry Reid would never make such a mistake. He’s too much the politician to tell the truth about his media strategy, such as why he is ducking and running from a debate with Angle (he’s “too busy” for several months).

Update: Some of the reactions are classic. Steve Benen, a flame thrower who almost never mentions Angle without putting “extremist” before her name, and who regularly regurgitates undigested Media Matters and Think Progress talking points, protests:

Sharron Angle said, on the record and on camera, that her campaign’s media strategy is built around the notion of manipulating news organizations, getting the questions Angle wants, so she can give the answers she wants, so the public will hear the news the way Angle wants it to be heard.

Because no candidate ever has done that before, particularly not our Dear President.

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