This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Sometimes the cards fall right in my lap:

The Politico story at issue is about how members of the Black Congressional Caucus are playing the race card against fellow Democrats over the ethics prosecutions of Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters (emphasis mine):

The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues….

The question of whether black lawmakers are now being singled out for scrutiny has been simmering throughout the 111th Congress, with the Office of Congressional Ethics a focal point of the concerns. At one point earlier this year, all eight lawmakers under formal investigation by the House ethics committee, including Rangel and Waters, were black Democrats. All those investigations originated with the OCE, which can make recommendations — but takes no final actions — on such cases.

There’s a “dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans,” said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

This is like movie night.  I’ve seen the film before, but this time it seems so much more … well … pleasurable.

Democrats have been playing the race card for so long and so hard against Republicans and conservatives and Tea Party supporters that … well … go for it.

At least The Daily Show appreciates this guilty pleasure:

Last night The Daily Show addressed this coincidence by bringing on “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore, who proceeded allege that the two were only guitly of LWB – “Legislating While Black.” When Stewart shot down that defense, Willard literally played the “race card” (which apparently doesn’t work during the term of a serving Black President.)

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Please pass the popcorn.

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