What is it about the start of August? In the past couple of days we have seen several pieces by people who create misleading caricatures of conservatives and then use those misleading caricatures to attack a broad swath of those opposed to the Obama agenda.

This tactic is common, but it usually comes from the left. These past two days, however, it comes from the middling right and center.

Professor Stephen Bainbridge wrote a post It’s Getting Embarrassing to Be A Conservative. Beating me to the punch was Patterico, who so aptly took down the ridiculous arguments which amount to nothing more than “the Republican Party was not perfect.” Agreed! That is why the modern conservative movement is at heart a revolt against the establishment Republicans who let spending get out of hand; but such revolt does not justify support for the even more out of control current Democratic Party and Obama agenda.

David Klinghofer also wrote a column From NeoCons to Crazy Cons, which featured a cheap shot at Andrew Breitbart. Donald Douglas beat me to the punch on this article as well:

People are mad. And when people get mad they starting gravitating to more polarizing messages, and some of it can get heated. For me though, Klinghoffer and others like him (which no offense to him, would include idiots like Charles Johnson) simply prop up the left’s Media Industrial Complex, and in that sense they’re enabling the very anti-conservative forces Andrew Breitbart is finally beginning to take down.

Not to be outdone, Doug Mataconis used the Klinghofer column as an excuse for a post provocatively titled Is The Right Losing Its Mind?. Is that a question or a statement? Did the Right beat its wife last night? The most memorable aspect of this post is the now classic observation: “Yes, Obama is a liberal.” Okay, so no one apparently can oppose Obama without being turned into a caricature based upon something Tom Tancredo said.

Last but not least was Rick Moran:

Whatever it is, the very silly season has arrived on the right and with it, diminishing chances that the American people will drink the same flavor of Kool Aid and join conservatives in giving the Democrats a well-deserved paddling at the polls.

Oh really, Rick. I thought the silly season for conservatives arrived last summer; or was it during the 2008 election; or maybe anytime you want it to have arrived because some people do not agree with you. And the polls do not show diminishing prospects, so the entire premise of the post was wrong on the facts, not just the theory.

The common theme throughout these posts is that these concern trolls do exactly what they accuse conservatives of doing, creating caricatures of political opponents which then are easier to attack.

Such strawman arguments would make Obama proud.

Whatever the shortcomings of Republicans in the past pale in comparison to the shortcomings of the current administration.

I’m not going to lose focus as much as the concern trolls may want us to engage in a historical debate about decisions taken a decade ago.

I’m more worried about the next decade than the last decade; more worried about my children and grandhildren (to be) than my grandparents (may they rest in peace).

How about this for a post title: “Do Conservative Concern Trolls Hate Children?”

[Note: There were some minor wording changes made after the original post]

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