Ezra Klein, proprietor of the Journolist, the day after Election Day, 2008:

There was hardly a specter lurking in the American subconscious that [Barack Hussein Obama] did not call forth.

And that was his great strength. He robbed fear of its ability to work through quiet insinuation. He forced America to confront its own subconscious….

Indeed, the election results suggest something striking: America has forgotten. September 11 has not disappeared from our memory, of course, but we have recovered from the blow. We have forgotten how it felt to be afraid, and so, yesterday, we forgot to vote our fears. And in doing, we have elected a black president with a Muslim name. Fear again proved but a temporary detour from our history’s long arc toward justice.

At that moment in time, it was their new day.

The brat pack bloggers and their fellow masters of the Journolistic universe who helped pull off the greatest electoral coup d’etat ever, putting a mirage in the White House.

That new day now must seem so far away, and so long ago. Bummer.


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