This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Rush Limbaugh stated the other day that Barack Obama would not have been elected if he were not black. Predictably, Limbaugh has been called racist.

There are two issues here. Was Limbaugh wrong? And if he were right, should he not have said it?

The video below is a pretty good discussion of both the facts and the issues. Surprisingly, Chris Matthews moderated relatively fairly (back at a time when there still was the aroma of hope and change in the air):


If Rush Limbaugh were “racist” for his statement, what about the professor in the video, who reported that her college students overwhelmingly said they voted for Obama because he was black, and who challenged others that they may not like the reality but the facts were the facts?

What about the students themselves for voting for someone based on race?

Or the HuffPo blogger who wrote the post Vote for Obama Because He’s Black; or the columnist who wrote It’s OK to Vote for Obama Because He’s Black?

Or Cynthia Tucker, who repeatedly has called Michael Steele an unqualified affirmative action appointee, someone who is Chairman of the Republican National Committee only because he is black:

It is important to have frank discussions of these issues. But that is not possible, when the race card is played.

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