Harry Reid’s campaign took down its spoofing and phishing fake Sharron Angle website, after the Angle campaign threatened legal action.

Contrary to the spin put out by the Reid campaign and its sympathizers, the threatened legal action was not just because the Reid campaign merely quoted Angle’s positions, but the fact that the fake website misled viewers and obtained names and email addresses of Angle supporters under false pretenses.

But now the website is back up, without the spoofing and phishing.

Now that the Reid campaign is done phishing, can it find the time to schedule Reid for a debate with Angle?

Or is Reid still too busy for the next several months?

If Sharron Angle really is a “mental patient” (as noted plagiarist Mike Barnacle at MSNBC claims), and so extreme (as the Reid campaign claims), then Reid should be jumping at the chance to debate Angle.

Instead, Reid is hiding in his bunker (to use the verbiage of the Reid campaign).

How about a debate?

What is Harry Reid afraid of? Being made to look bad by an “extreme” “mental patient”?

Update: Politico notes the major changes the Reid campaign was forced to make:

The website was relaunched with some major modifications. Angle’s likeness and campaign logos are gone, and an e-mail submission feature is no longer there. The website is a bare-bones version of Angle’s issue statements on her previous website with some pictures, a biography and endorsements.

An attorney for the Angle campaign, Cleta Mitchell, said the matter is “much less of a concern now” that Nevada Democrats have “redone” it so that only Angle’s public statements on the site.

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