Matthew Yglesias, who blogs at Think Progress, July 21, The Shame of the Daily Caller:

The Caller appears to have access to a very large proportion of JournoList emails and they can’t come up with anything that withstands cursory scrutiny.

The Daily Caller, July 22:

Blogger Matt Yglesias sent out a new post thread with the subject, “The line on Palin.”

“John McCain picked someone to help him politically, Barack Obama picked someone to help him govern” …

Oh, that email.

Matthew Yglesias, more from July 21:

Nor are they willing to simply publish the full text of the pilfered emails they’re writing about, forcing their audience to instead rely on Jonathan Strong’s deliberately misleading writeups.

Put your emails where your mouth is.

No one is stopping you from releasing the full archive of emails, so that the people can reach their own unfiltered conclusions.

Update: More at HillBuzz

Update July 23, 2010: At least Andrew Sullivan is not running from the significance of the Yglesias email:

Ezra Klein’s attempt to pass off JournoList as just a water-cooler confab seems pretty much exploded by this latest Daily Caller piece. I mean: what is the point of putting out an email with the subject line “The Line On Palin” if there isn’t an actual line? And what is this if not organizing a media narrative …. Look: you know how appalled I was by the Palin pick, but on this issue, I have to side with the JournoList critics. If this was not an organized media campaign in the service of a political candidate, what would be?

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