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Poll: Angle-Reid In Dead Heat

Poll: Angle-Reid In Dead Heat

Just yesterday I told you that Harry Reid was beatable.

Today The Las Vegas Review Journal has released a new Mason-Dixon poll showing Reid and Sharron Angle in a virtual dead heat, compared to a poll two weeks ago which showed Reid with a 7 point lead:

The new survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research shows Reid and Angle neck and neck. The Senate majority leader would win 43 percent and Angle 42 percent of support from likely Nevada voters if the election were held now. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points on the statewide telephone survey of 625 registered voters taken Monday through Wednesday.

A July 12-14 Mason-Dixon poll showed Reid 7 points ahead of Angle, 44-37. It was the best showing for the four-term incumbent — and the worst for Angle — in a head-to-head matchup, according to a series of surveys for the Review-Journal since last year.

Reid is viewed unfavorably by 51%, versus 47% for Angle.

60% of Nevadans see the country as being on the wrong track. Considering that Harry Reid is the engineer driving the train down that wrong track, Reid has problems.

Now, can we stop being so damn doomy and gloomy?

Update: Even He is starting to believe.

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You can have the gloomy, but I'm not willing to give up the doomy yet.

Chances are the polls are slanted to help Reid stay afloat…

You want to be very careful quoting text from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

I'm helping one of the owners who's been sued along with his co-blogger; he's not having a whole lot of fun right now….