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Now “Presidential Scholars” Befool Themselves

Now “Presidential Scholars” Befool Themselves

The media has been there (Obamamania), done that (destroyed its credibility and any pretense of objectivity).

Now it’s time for “Presidential Scholars” to befool themselves, Professors rank President Obama 15th best president:

A new poll of leading presidential scholars ranks Barack Obama as the 15th best president of the United States, just below Bill Clinton but ahead of Ronald Reagan.

The Siena College poll, which surveyed 238 presidential scholars at U.S. colleges and universities, asked scholars to rate the nation’s 43 chief executives on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity and imagination.

In the overall ranking, Obama rated two places below Clinton, who was 13th best, and three better than Reagan, who is ranked as the 18th best.

Alternative title: Why are these people allowed to teach our children?

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I think actually the clinton thing is more shocking. As a rule of thumb, if you are impeached you should be sent to the bottom half of the list, automatically.

Now to be fair, they had considered adding the following catagories:

Not getting America covered in oil.

Not blowing a hole in the deficit.

Not destroying personal freedom.

If they had included them, Obama would have placed very, very low.

Integrity? Ha Ha. What planet do those profressors live on? Of all the character traits to associate with Obama, integrity would never be one I'd associate with him.

First, the man has demonstrably lied to Americans in virtually every speech he's given. Next, the man of integrity refuses to take responsiblity for his failed policies of the past 18 months, instead blaming Bush for his failures.

The man of integrity has refused to make public his college transcripts, passport, medical records, etc. Who knows why, but I'm warm to the theory that it may be because he defrauded the government by receiving student aid at Occidental College that was intended for foreign students. After all, he was registered for school in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, and represented himself to be a citizen of Indonesia while going to school in Indonesia.

I think the more appropriate charcter trait is fraud, not integrity.

Having the gall to compare eighteen months of one President's term with the full terms of all of his predecessors, and solemnly issuing 'ratings' on this partial data, has just exposed all these 'Presidential scholars' as dunce-cap wearers at best.

Intellectuals, no. Poseurs, yes.

btw, i also saw where carter rated below nixon. huh?

indeed, bush supposedly rated below him.

Sorry that is just whacked. I'm no fan of carter, but nixon was in a different realm of badness from nixon. and I think bluntly bush was actually a pretty good president. lower top 20. i didn't agree with him on everything, but he liberated 50 million people. that makes him one of the good ones.

Why can these ppl teach our children? You tell us. You're the tenured professor.

"Why are these people allowed to teach our children?"

Because we have not demanded accountability on their part. After all, they receive taxpayer money, more likely than not. And too few tuition-paying parents have a clue.

Tighten the money spigot. Demand true scholarship, not P.C. garbage – with the warning that the money will dry out. And insist on factual results, not "remedial"-worthy stuff.

what drugs were they on when they answered the survey?

Seriously, that man is a disgrace, and there is no way he is of the calibre of President Ronald Reagan. He does not have the integrity of President Richard Nixon (ouch…. yeah I know the story because I lived through those times on the other side of the world). The fact is that President Nixon loved his country and he had a lot more integrity than we give him credit.

On the other hand, Oboomboom has no integrity at all. He is a liar. He is not even a writer because both books were ghost written by someone else. He hides his school records, and he will not produce what is necessary to prove that he is even a citizen of the USA. He is not a Natural Born Citizen because that requires both parents to be citizens – he does not qualify since Obama sr. is his father.

These people who rank this idiot so high really need to take a step away from what they are doing and go live in the real world. Maybe a trip to the Gulf states might shake them out of their ethereal world.

I would like to know the identity of the so called scholars so I could check their curriculum vitae (whatever you call it in the academic world). I no longer allow any value to be placed on the opinions of invisible "experts". I just figure someone is trying to shovel sh-t my way so I put on my boots and move up hill. (It is getting pretty deep these days)