Lowest bar ever set for hero-dom (is that a word?).

Jonathan Strong, writing about the Heroes of the Journolist:

The Daily Caller has highlighted some of Journolist’s worst moments — such as when liberal members of the media plotted to kill important stories about the presidential campaign.

But the 400-member listserv, like any community, was a complex arrangement comprised of many individual voices.

While some urged members to level indiscriminate charges of racism, other postings reflected admirable integrity or civility.

Such as?

HuffPo editor and reporter Dan Froomkin arguing that news should be reported even if it hurt Barack Obama; James Surowiecki of The New Yorker arguing that facts about the Fort Hood shooter should be reported accurately; Ezra Klein, founder of the Journolist, not letting people explicitly coordinate stories on the Journolist (which is what they did implicitly anyway); and Jeffrey Toobin of various mainstream outlets displayed a “commendably open mind and a sense of civility.”

Here we go, now I will qualify as a hero as well:

“I will try to understand your point of view. Have a nice day. Are you going to live blog O on The View?”

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