Wow, just received a “preview” of Wikio’s new Law ranking category, and guess who is No. 2?

1 SCOTUSblog
2 Legal Insurrection
3 TaxProf Blog
4 The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times
5 Above the Law
6 Concurring Opinions
7 PrawfsBlawg
8 Sentencing Law and Policy
9 Of Arms and the Law
10 Truth on the Market
11 Technology & Marketing Law Blog
12 The Right Coast
13 Patently-O: Patent Law Blog
14 Defending People
15 Legal Blog Watch
16 Crime and Consequences Blog
17 a Public Defender
18 Law Librarian Blog
19 Simple Justice
20 Blawg Review

Ranking made by Wikio

Added: I never appeared in this category before because I only figured out a few months ago how to register with Wikio, another indication that I need help.

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