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No. 2 in New Wikio “Law” Category

No. 2 in New Wikio “Law” Category

Wow, just received a “preview” of Wikio’s new Law ranking category, and guess who is No. 2?

1 SCOTUSblog
2 Legal Insurrection
3 TaxProf Blog
4 The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times
5 Above the Law
6 Concurring Opinions
7 PrawfsBlawg
8 Sentencing Law and Policy
9 Of Arms and the Law
10 Truth on the Market
11 Technology & Marketing Law Blog
12 The Right Coast
13 Patently-O: Patent Law Blog
14 Defending People
15 Legal Blog Watch
16 Crime and Consequences Blog
17 a Public Defender
18 Law Librarian Blog
19 Simple Justice
20 Blawg Review

Ranking made by Wikio

Added: I never appeared in this category before because I only figured out a few months ago how to register with Wikio, another indication that I need help.

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Why does this _not_ surprise me?
BTW, Professor.   I've been thinking about sending a few bucks your way, but refuse to use PayPal after what they (PayPal) did to Pamela Geller.   Have you considered adding GPal as an alternative?

You deserve it, man!

martwyd reminds me I am remiss in my contribution as well. Now would you like it for your blog or your used vehicle?

Awesome! Congrats!

This is very good blog, and I respect the Prof's opinion. I think it is not hard with the quality of blog feed here to turn this into a business model that will compensate him for his time adequately in an uncompromising way.
Just don't mention the "tip jar" directly in the blog posts. I saw this 3 times over a week with "The Other McCain" with references on how the money was being used to finance a vacation and I haven't gone back since. Don't even get me started on We can tell you want to be here to let the truth be known. Please let that be the motivation for financing this blog. Best wishes, sir.