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Muslim Immigrants In Germany Harassed Over World Cup

Muslim Immigrants In Germany Harassed Over World Cup

Not by right-wingers, but by left-wingers, Leftists harass immigrants for supporting Germany:

Leftist anarchists in Berlin have reportedly been harassing immigrants showing their support for the German football team during the World Cup, tearing down national flags and even setting one on fire.

The leftists have been particularly aggressive in the city’s Neukölln district, home to many residents of Turkish and Arabic heritage, daily Der Tagesspiegel reported on Monday. Here they have made a point of destroying and removing Germany flags hanging outside shops and vehicles because they believe the proud patriotism hearkens back to the ugly nationalism of the Third Reich, the paper said….

One Arab-German family has sparked their ire by hanging a giant Germany flag on their Sonnenallee building in support of the football team during the World Cup.

Ibrahim Bassal, who owns a mobile phone shop in the district, told daily Berliner Morgenpost on Saturday that since he and his cousin hoisted the flag they have had several uncomfortable encounters with the local leftists.

(h/t Tim Blair)

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I live just two blocks from the giant flag in question. When this came out in the Morgenpost about a week ago I was glad to hear that the owners of the flag were arabic. It does not surprise me one bit that the radical leftists / anarchists would give them trouble.

Almost every building, including the one I live in, is tagged with "Antifa" or other leftwing graffiti. Antifa is the ANTI-FAscist fascist group. There are numerous posters pasted on buildings calling for violent overthrow of the government, attacking the police, communism, and your general far left insanity all in the name of peace and tolerance.

Yet everyone still worries about the sad bands of "right wing" skinheads who have their little bars and try to march once and a while with pathetic results. They aren't very different from the "anarchists" when you get down to it. The biggest difference is that the skinheads hate non-whites while the leftist/anarchists hate the Germans. They both hate capitalism and the USA and share most of the same policy goals.

On thing I wonder is why they are called "anarchist leftists". One would think a leftist would be, broadly speaking, pro big government, thinking that government is a solution for many problems, both social and otherwise. This is opposed to an anarchist, which yes, would be opposed to capitalism, but by definition would oppose ANY form of government.
Per wiki : "Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. It seeks to diminish or even abolish authority in the conduct of human relations."
I apologize for the wiki link, but it surprisingly is the only site within 5 minutes that didn't give me a literal definition or indoctrination session.
So why leftist anarchist? Why not "leftist hate group" or just plain "anarchists"?

The stated end goal of Communism was the dissolution of the State.

(How to get from a totalitarian system conquering the world to the people holding the reins of power willingly reliquishing them is a bit of a poser. But glossed over.)

I've seen it in promotions, but never actually before a televised game until the match between Argentina and Germany: members of both teams holding the banner "Say No to Racism".

Why this game? Because both countries are connected to Nazism: one obviously, the other because so many Nazis fled to that country to escape justice. The Leftists simply can't get over Nazism and the genocidal crimes of many German people before and during WWII. Liberals constantly harp on it. It's as though they are trying to make the case that they are not Nazis or genocidal maniacs.

Nazophobia? The fear of being a Nazi? We all know that Germans suffer from this, but liberals the world over suffer from it as well.

I guess leberals fear it so much because their ideology is so dangerously akin to it.