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It Is Not. Over. At all. In Reid v. Angle

It Is Not. Over. At all. In Reid v. Angle

Sharron Angle will not be able to match Harry Reid in fundraising, because Reid has used his position as Majority Leader to squeeze big dollars out of Big Pharma and Big Mass Tort Lawyers and all the other Bigs.

Reid’s campaign pockets are so full of cash from people thanking him for or seeking favors, that it’s a wonder he can walk.

So it is not surprising that Reid is showing strength in new polling. But Reid has not been able to move his numbers up beyond the low 40s. He is gaining by knocking Angle down. The just released Mason-Dixon poll puts Reid ahead 44-37. For the incumbant Majority Leader to be stuck at 44% says that Reid remains highly vulnerable, particularly if there is an enthusiasm gap on Election Day.

Angle, however, has had a good fundraising period since the primary. From her press release:

Once the primary race heated up in late May 2010, the Angle campaign saw an extraordinary spike in fundraising. Angle’s campaign received $54,546.11 per day through June 30, 2010, with an average gift equaling just $49. More than 46,000 people in Nevada and across America offered their financial support during the second quarter reporting period.

Key numbers:

  • Total Contributions Election
  • Cycle-To-Date = $3,545,132.86
  • Total Contributions 2nd Quarter Report (dates 5/20 – 6/30) = $2,290,936.53
  • Total Contributions this Report from Individuals = $2,222,186.53
  • Total Contributions this Report from PACs = $68,750.00
  • Total Disbursements/Expenditures this Report = $656,773.25
  • Debts & Obligations = $0
  • COH [Cash on Hand] at Beginning of Period = $132,016.59
  • COH as of 6/30/2010 = $1,767,671.91

Reid, of course, has a lot more money on hand. From TPM:

Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has been raking in some serious cash since the lead-up to her primary win on June 8 — though she still lags far behind Reid in overall cash on hand….

However, her campaign has now announced that they’ve raised $2.29 million since then through the end of June, and now have zero debt.

Reid brought in less in that time, at only $1.2 million, with a total of $2.4 million for the whole second quarter, with no debt, according to numbers released by the campaign. Reid, however, still has a huge advantage in cash on hand: Reid $8.94 million, Angle $1.77 million, a 5-1 ratio in favor of Reid.

These are good numbers for Angle. She may not be able to match Reid, but she likely will have enough to be competitive in advertising.

Reid is spending enormous sums on advertising now to try to knock Angle down, while Angle has been conserving cash. That probably is a wise strategy for Angle, although she can’t wait too much longer to start hitting back at Reid.

Fortunately, Angle will have the support of outside groups to help narrow the money gap, and to go after Reid. But then again, Reid is a known quantity, and not well liked all things considered.

If Angle can stay close in the polls going into the fall, she will be well positioned, since Harry Reid is his own worst enemy.

Once people focus on what Democrats retaining control of Congress means, all the money in the world will not save Harry Reid.

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Read a funny obit from Vegas that Boortz posted on his site asking instead of flowers, etc. vote for someone other than Reid. A commenter said he saw a similar one in another state.

Absolutely it's not over! It's mid-July, for God's sake! There are 3 and a half months to go – an eternity in an electoral cycle.

Prof. + his loyal readers can help Angle by having a money bomb (a la Brown).

I think Angle just had a money bomb and pulled over 2 mil. But another one by the Prof and perhaps a group of blogs would be a great idea. What think you, Professor?

Speaking of fundraising, have you heard about Ten Buck Fridays? Ten Buck Fridays is a small-d democratic moneybomb project of the patriotic blogosphere. Back in May, a blogger called Conscientiously Conservative ( declared her intent to donate $10 to a different worthy national Congressional candidate each week, and the concept is spreading across the web. Each week, voters decide which conservative Congressional candidate needs their support the most, and everyone is encouraged to donate what they can to the winner. There is no middleman, no national committee; anyone motivated to donate sends their support to the candidates directly. The poll that closed last Friday morning was carried on 60 blogs and received over 2000 votes. There's even a Facebook page! This is real grass roots stuff.

At, you can read more about the poll, the nominating process, and this week's winner. A good synopsis can be found at (Rightklik is doing yeoman's work collecting nominations, posting candidate info, and launching each week's poll. The poll hosted and promoted by dozens of other bloggers, including my own little blog.)

$10 or $25 from me alone seems like a drop in the ocean; small donations from all of us could turn the tide.