There is no better example of the hubris of Harry Reid than his stated intention last weekend at the Netroots convention to push through major agenda items in a lame-duck session (after the November 2 elections, but before the new Congress is seated in January).

Listen carefully to the opening dialogue in this video:


So, even if Harry Reid loses to Sharron Angle, and even if the Democrats lose control of the Senate (unlikely) or are in a severely weakend position (likely) as a result of the elections, Harry Reid will push forward.

This is similar to the threat Democrats made in the wake of the Scott Brown election, where they threatened to push a health care vote before Brown was seated.

Vote him out, and call his bluff.

Update:  The latest Rasmussen poll has Angle down 2 points to Reid, 45-43.  While some conservatives unfortunately are projecting doom and gloom, I am impressed with the fact that Angle is only down 2 points after a terrible first six weeks of the campaign, and that 48% of people still have a “very unfavorable” view of Reid.

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