It really is frustrating to hear Obama administration officials tout 3 million jobs saved or created.

How many of those jobs did several miles of sidewalks in Warren, Rhode Island, save or create?

Now that the project is over, the jobs are gone. But you still count them.

And you will count them a second time on the next sidewalk project. And a third time after that. Even when the person is unemployed, you will have saved or created multiple jobs for that person, with your fuzzy math.

Because there is a difference between making work and creating a job.

The Stimulus Plan made work, but it did not create or save jobs.

Everyone understands that. So stop talking nonsense which not even you believe. Just stop it before we collectively wash your mouths out with electoral soap on November 2.

I’ll stop now, too. It’s a blood pressure thing.

Oh, and the electoral soap thing. We’ll do it anyway, even if you stop talking, because you’ve said too much already.

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