In an upcoming issue of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol pens an editorial in which he argues that while “we are not not now quite at a founding moment, or even a re-founding moment,” we are approaching a point of political crisis which will be a “decisive moment for the country.”

The impetus for such crisis, according to Kristol, is the economic and cultural collapse of the liberal welfare state to which Democrats cling with a political death grip (my terminology).

Kristol simply is giving voice to what so many of us already knew.

Barack Obama was not elected because of a progressive political shift in the nation. The nation remains a country which believes, according to polling by James Carville and Stan Greenberg, that:

“The best way to improve our economy and create jobs is to cut government spending and cut taxes so businesses can prosper and the private sector can start creating jobs.”

Yet everything the Democrats do goes in the opposite direction.

Not to belabor the point made here hundreds of times, but over two thousand pages of Obamacare legislation will result in several thousand pages of regulations which will control the most intimate and important aspects of our lives; cap-and-trade legislation and regulations will control the means of production; financial regulation has devolved into social planning; and it goes on and on.

We did not need to reach this point.

What should have been a passing financial crisis has been used by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress to achieve what — in the famous words of Rahm Emanuel — could not otherwise be achieved.

Democrats took advantage of a crisis, and then doubled-down by massively increasing our national debt to advantage preferred political constituencies.

The answer should have been to grow the pie, not to redistribute the slices, but that alternative is off the table with Democrats in control.

“Free the economy” should be the chant.

We are coming to the point at which Americans will have to choose sides. Will it be the bottom-up free enterprise model upon which this country was built, or the top-down command economy in which Washington, D.C. politicians and government employees centrally plan the economy and our lives?

Whatever the imperfections of our economic system, Americans clearly do not want the alternative.

Democrats will pay the price politicially for kicking the nation when it was down, for using a crisis to force through what the American people did not want, and for insulting those who objected.

The Democratic death grip is about to be broken. Because we still have choices.


Update: This editorial in The Las Vegas Review-Journal (h/t The Daily Caller) made a similar point, in the wake of Obama’s fundraising trip to help bail out Harry Reid:

The fact is, President Obama once again left behind a sinking feeling that neither he nor Sen. Reid have a clue how to pull this country out of its current dire economic straits.

Oh, they want to spend more tax money propping up the jobs of unionized state and local government workers — the president bragged, “We fought to keep Nevada teachers, firefighters, and police officers on the job” — at precisely the time state and local governments should be slashing their bloated budgets.

And where will that money come from? Big tax hikes on the very people who would otherwise be out there creating real, productive jobs — private businesses.

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