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Why I Love Science

Why I Love Science

John Hawkins uses a highly scientific (this quarter), extraordinarily accurate (this quarter), exquisitely methodical (this quarter) formula for picking his quarterly Top 40 Best Conservative Blogs.

Given that science prevailed (this quarter), Legal Insurrection is ranked No. 13.

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I agree with your position,congratulations. I was suprised to see the McArdle/Althouse, Obama cheerleading squad on the list.How did they miss "the last TRUE conservative", wee Andi Sullivan?

Excellent! I love your blog, professor.

Hey…they missed ME!?!?!


Congrats. Always great stuff

Down too low on the list. The man has no taste. Bravo! Damn well deserved.

Your tireless efforts are rewarded. 😉

I was expecting more of the sites from your blog list. Alot of them are my favorites now. Nice to see Small Dead Animals. Thanks.

Congratulations you big Legal guy you!!!