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Today Is My 5 O’Clock Day

Today Is My 5 O’Clock Day

One of my daughters is graduating college today. And she has a job!

So one less tuition to pay, and she’s almost off my payroll.

It feels like 5 O’clock, all day:

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I can totally relate!

Have fun, Dad!!

Congratulations! We've been there, done that, a couple of times now. So I can appreciate the feeling 🙂

But don't get too attached to your bank account on account of grandchildren. We've got 4, ages 7 – 18. They can be just as expensive as the kids were.

Hey! Congratulations!

Awesome. Been "kidless" for a few years now, but grandkids will keep you running.

Congratulations! I hope she's working at something really enjoyable and they're good to her. Have a blessed Sunday! 🙂

Congratulations!! Have a great time!! Enjoy the day, and breathe a little easier…. 🙂

Congratulations to your daughter, and to you, her dad for doing a great job as a father. I'm sure she appreciates everything you've done for her. 🙂

My late husband passed away 3 weeks after our daughter got her BA, never got a chance to see her get her Masters.. now if only she could get a job. It's shredding her self confidence in the worst way.

I can imagine it's a good feeling to be able to report good news these days. I can tell you it's good being on the receiving end of it. Congratulations to all of your family and I hope you all enjoy a summer of fun and good weather in the ocean state.


Enjoy the summer.