He put his son’s education ahead of a blockbuster blog post, Rabbi sat on Thomas scoop as webmaster-son took exams:

When veteran journalist Helen Thomas made inflammatory remarks about Israel, the comments weren’t captured by a major news organization. Instead, a rabbi and his 17-year-old son broke the story.

Right now, Rabbi David Nesenoff is drawing lots of new visitors to RabbiLive.com and its video of the dean of the White House press corps (now abruptly retired) telling Israel to “get the hell out of Palestine.” Although Nesenoff’s site is getting buzz and media pickup, the rabbi actually sat on the big scoop for a week….

Even though Nesenoff had the story, he still needed to get it online. But [his son] Adam, the webmaster for RabbiLive, had to get through finals first.

What is this world coming to?

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