(Please try not to fall asleep while reading this post.)

There is something profoundly depressing about the nomination of Elena Kagan.

Kagan has an impressive resume. But …

Has there ever been a more intellectually bland nominee? Probably, but not in decades. Bland is the new intellectual powerhouse.

No judicial record. Little public or scholarly record. A private record of time served in government, but those advisory positions would say little about what Elena thought, as opposed to what she advised.

Even Kagan’s seemingly bold statement on gay marriage was so carefully worded as to allow for intellectual blandness if pressed at the hearings. (She will be pressed on this, right?)

A life of carefully choreographed liberal blandness deemed necessary to achieve the goal of being precisely where she is today.

Few clues left along the bland trail of her intellectual life not only as to what she believes, but in what she believes. Does hiring conservatives as Dean of Harvard Law School mean Kagan …. oh, forget it.

Blandness in the service of getting on the Supreme Court is no vice.

Thanks Teddy, for so beating the crap out of Robert Bork that you set us on the road to Elena Kagan. Elena Kagan is the nominee we have been waiting for.

Al Franken fell asleep the first day of the hearings.

It’s working.

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