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The Difference Between Israel and Anti-Israelis

The Difference Between Israel and Anti-Israelis

The government of Israel is upset that the operation to intercept the Turkish-backed flotilla ended up with the loss of several lives.

Lack of proper operational planning, the almost ridiculous initial use of too little force (paint balls) and the failure to clear the decks of the ship prior to landing allowed the agitators on the ship to create a situation in which deadly force became necessary. The Israelis would have much preferred a clean operation in which the boat was diverted without loss of life.

Had the roles been reversed, the reaction to several dead Israelis would have been very different. There would have been shouts of joy from the leadership of Hamas and other Islamist groups, and candy thrown in the air in the Arab and Iranian street over the killing of Jews. There would have been no Security Council resolution, and no demands from European countries or Turkey for an international investigation.

It is a difference which the Useful Idiots don’t seem to understand.

Or maybe they do understand.

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It is about to get very serious if Turkey decides to escort the next "peace flotilla" to Gaza. It seems highly unlikely that Israel will back down and the Islamist Turkish government appears to be willing to force a confrontation.

I hope and pray for the peace of Israel. However, they are doing the right thing to stand strong against these terrorists backed by Turkey. The Turkish government is counting on the Israelis backing down; they will not. What will Obama do? That is the question.

While our administration has declared war on oil companies producing in the US, ALL of our foreign sources of oil are suddenly at risk of war. A couple of hours ago, Lebanon fired missiles at Israeli planes and Turkey sent another flotilla to run the Israeli blockade.

This is how Western civilization ends in Jean Raspail's controversial 1973 book "Camp of the Saints", a flotilla of poor immigrants sail across the world to land in a France not only too paralyzed by political correctness to oppose them but assisted by the cultural elites. The book was widely excoriated for being racist and xenophobic. Reads like history today.;=books&qid;=1275436627&sr;=8-1

You want to see the difference between Israel and anti-Israel? Look at this brave high school boy and the ignorant supporters of jihad.

With Turkey demanding a stronger response from the US, Obama is already at a critical juncture. After having signed the nuclear non-proliferation document, he needs to almost prove that he is solidly in the group and to validate his seriousness, he needs to come out of the gate strongly anti-Israel.
However, he is waiting for a full investigation before committing himself. Turkey has thrown down the gauntlet. How Obama acts will be a game-changing element in all of this. The Ditherer-in-chief just can not multi-task and the lives of gulf coast residents preempts anything in foreign affairs at this time.

One fact that is getting missed in all of this is that Isreal does allow for humanitarian aid to come in… UNDER INSPECTION. you know, to make sure the crate labelled bandages actually contains bandages, as opposed to bombs. Given that the terrorists have been known to use ambulances to transport suicide bombers to their targets, its a sadly necessary step.

So this flotilla was seeking the right to ship into gaza WITHOUT INSPECTION.

But in the end all we can do is shake our heads. those predisposed against isreal never fail to draw the worst conclusions about them, regardless of the facts. isreal suffers, in some minds, a irrebuttable presumption of wrongness in every matter.